A World Class Project Manager for Building an International Manufacturing Plant

The Setback

A mid-sized medical device company came to Waddell Group while building an international device manufacturing plant in Costa Rica. Hiring the right project manager for this job was crucial, as there was very little room for error regarding time and budget. Even slight changes during the process would significantly drive up costs. Their existing project manager did not have the experience nor the technical knowledge to manage the project efficiently. At the start of the partnership with Waddell, they were two years behind schedule.

Our World Class Project Managers

The medical device company chose Waddell Group because of our expertise in their field and the required discipline to complete the task. The Waddell Group team sought to present the exact combination of skill sets to ensure this project was completed on-budget and on-time. The right person needed to be managing the right details. A world class project manager was more effective than multiple people to handle the job, as they knew what to do and did it well.

Our project manager had a background in architecture and experience in constructing manufacturing buildings. They knew the technical side of building a manufacturing plant, including which equipment to procure and in what order, while also managing the other facets of the project. Through in-depth experience in architecture and medical device manufacturing, the project manager met strict timelines.

Waddell performed a gap analysis by looking at the timeline and identifying where the project was at, where they wanted to go, and any bottlenecks that were currently in the system. A new plan was created that combined elements of the previous plan with new insights developed during the gap analysis and in close collaboration with the project manager. This plan was strictly followed and managed so that the project could be recalibrated and finished on time.

The Results

The international manufacturing plant was completed just one year after starting the partnership. Waddell Group handed off the project early, finishing several months ahead of schedule. Construction was finished under budget and to the client’s satisfaction. Waddell Group and their world-class project manager were able to take an off-track project and pull it back into scope, keeping it on-track and finishing it on-time.

The Waddell Group and its quality project management corrected a significant project for a company that had a promising international trajectory. There were many moving parts in this project, and only solid foundations and strict plan adherence could see it through the finish line. Our project manager tracked and coordinated the puzzle to the very last piece.

Date: 20 May, 2021

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