Interim Executive

Interim Executive

Proven experts step in to drive your project, engage the team, and deliver exceptional results.

One of the more unique reasons we get called are projects that need senior leadership experiences, but there is an awareness that either the current team doesn’t have the talent to do the project or there will be no need for the leader once the project is completed.

One recent example included a project manager who built a medical device manufacturing facility. He did a great job, was on time, on budget, but our client didn’t need to build another manufacturing facility once the project was done.

This is an important service that should be considered in lieu of extending an existing executive beyond their capabilities or capacity, or when you need a very specific skill set. That is when Waddell Group steps in. From a range of one-time needs, including offering medical device manufacturing consultants, our interim leaders operate effectively at all levels of complex organizational structures to create action, visibility, and efficiency that yields success.

Forward movement and accomplishment are what we create – visibility too, in many cases, but more important is that we get things moving.