Fortune 100 Company Finds a Long-Term Partner for Their Neurological Products

The Setback

A Fortune 100 company that develops neurological medical device products, including the development of their neurological stimulation system, is known for its expertise in the medical device market. As a well established and qualified company, their team was regularly developing new, cutting edge neurological systems. With projects always on the horizon, they needed an equally experienced medical device project management partner to lead and execute the ongoing projects.

The company was looking for leaders that could enter a project, no matter where it was at, and efficiently develop a strategic schedule, align the departments and team members, and achieve the predetermined goal. Waddell Group’s team is well-versed in the medical device industry providing executive management skills along with extensive project management experience. We keep our best project managers on our consultation team, so our clients receive the most knowledgeable and experienced leadership.

The Fortune 100 company has partnered with the Waddell group for around 20 years relying on their trustworthy project managers to guide each new project. For example, we led the development of their neurological stimulation system by getting it back on track and guiding it through clinical testing.

Waddell Group’s Process

At Waddell Group, we follow our trusted project development process. Our team adapts the process to each unique project to ensure all the unique specifications are accounted for while still following our effective approach. For the neurological stimulation system, we implemented our project development process to ensure the project was expertly led and executed.

The first step was developing a detailed project plan. Our project manager evaluated where the project was at and determined where the project needs to go. From there, the project manager created a detailed schedule of what needed to be accomplished, by who, and by when in order to reach the project’s end goal. The plan provided details on every aspect of the neurological medical device project from the budget to resources to regulatory compliance. The planning process included the input and insight from the team members in order to develop a collaborative and supported plan.

For the Fortune 100 company, the planning stage allowed the project manager to communicate with the leadership team to outline the project’s budget so it could be incorporated into the annual expenses and planning. The project’s budget was reassessed each year to account for the project’s progress and opportunities.

After the plan was complete, the project manager launched the project and set the plan in motion. During the project, our project manager handled each step to ensure the project remained on schedule.

  • Proactively identified deviations to quickly adjust and update the plan
  • Recognized scope creep and strategically decided how to address the situations
  • Motivated team members and raised collective enthusiasm throughout the entire project
  • Hosted team-building activities
  • Facilitated communication between involved departments

Once the project reaches clinical studies, our project managers are equipped to manage the medical device clinical trials or hand it over to the next team. For the neurological stimulation system, we managed the clinical studies on-site in order to keep the project moving forward without delays.

The Results

For the neurological stimulation system and all the other neuro medical devices, the Fortune 100 Company worked with the Waddell Group of all sizes and starting points. From 5 to 200 people, our project managers lead the teams and projects through the development of the medical devices while managing each individual, team, and department for an integrated and efficient process.

Our project managers joined the projects at different stages from the jumpstart of a new project to an in-progress project that was encountering setbacks. Our project managers understand how to successfully initiate a new project by coordinating the development from the ground up while also entering an existing project to get it back on track.

Specifically for the stimulation system, since we were present during the development stages of the projects, we led the clinical phase by proactively addressing possible interruptions and keeping the project on time. Ultimately, we were able to gain FDA approval for a successful neurological medical device launch.

The Fortune 100 Company gained a trusted partner that understood their company and operations as their committed project management partner.

Partner with a project manager you can rely on

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Date: 12 May, 2016

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