Facility Improvement


The corporate office of a mid-sized medical device company hired Waddell Group to assist in shutting down a remote and poorly performing design and manufacturing operation that was in crisis. The facility was understaffed and lacked leadership, which was reflected in inefficient and unsustainable processes that left it in such a state that the client deemed it unsalvageable.


The client hired Waddell Group as an interim general manager to lead the shutdown and salvage in-progress projects. We started the process by reviewing the requirements of the operations, then performed a GAP analysis to determine the disparity between what’s required and what’s being provided. Afterward, a plan was developed to fill in the identified gaps with items that required active managing and monitoring. This plan was executed successfully, resulting in a stabilized workforce and project queue while simultaneously alleviating the crisis that plagued the facility.

Although the initial project scope was limited to finishing the transfer of projects to another division while ensuring the undisruptive dissolution of the facility, an opportunity presented itself during the process that resulted in a pivot of strategy. The client noticed a significant uptick in the division’s performance and requested that Waddell Group continue as interim general manager but suspend the closure plans in hopes that this performance increase would continue into the medium-term.


Within one year of our onboarding as interim general manager, the facility in crisis was converted into one of the most productive operations in the company. The initial plans for dissolving the facility were scrapped, and we were instead tasked with helping to hire a full-time general manager to replace their interim role. We took a consultative role during the hiring process by advising the client on the scope of the role, developing job descriptions, conducting interviews, and providing a hiring recommendation. Once hired, the full-time general manager was integrated into the company by Waddell Group, who successfully transitioned the role once onboarding was complete.


The Waddell Group team has influenced change in organizations in a multitude of specializations and scenarios. Our expert project managers and consultants can assume a full-time or fractional role to accommodate your company, and excel at successfully transitioning this role back to your internal team. We are consultants first and foremost and guarantee a smooth transition away from our leadership once the job is done. If you have an operation worth saving, contact Waddell Group today. Our proven and flexible process will set your company up for success.

Date: 27 April, 2016

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